Past Award Recipients

CORE Prize Winners

John Hughes Distinguished Service Award (previously Distinguished Service Award)

Distinguished Service Award

CORE Teaching Award

    • 2018: Antonette Mendoza, The University of Melbourne
    • 2017: Sven Venema, Griffith University
    • 2016: Geraldine Torrisi-Steele, Griffith University
    • 2014: Claude Szabo, University of Adelaide
    • 2011: Warwick Irwin, University of Canterbury
    • 2010: Paul Denny, The University of Auckland
    • 2008: Judy Kay, The University of Sydney
    • 2007: Harald Søndergaard, The University of Melbourne

Chris Wallace Research Excellence Award

    • 2019: Wenjie Zhang, UNSW
    • 2018: Lexing Xie, Australian National University
    • 2017: Haris Aziz, Data61 and UNS
    • 2016: Helen Huang, University of Queensland
  • 2015: Rui Zhang, University of Melbourne
    • 2014: James Curran, University of Sydney
    • 2013: Sebastian Link, University of Auckland
    • 2012: Dr Michael Sheng, University of Adelaide
    • 2010: Dr Heng Tao Shen, The University of Queensland
    • 2009: Andy Cockburn, The University of Canterbury
    • 2008: Rajkumar Buyya, The Univeristy of Melbourne
    • 2006: Dr Seok-Hee Hong, University of Sydney
    • 2005: Dr David Hawking, CSIRO
    • 2004: Dr Huaxiong Wang, Macquarie University

John Makepeace Bennett Award for Australasian Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation

  • 2019 - Thomas Sewell, Translation Validation for Verified, Efficient and Timely Operating Systems, UNSW
  • Thesis Commendations:
  • Neven A. M. ElSayed, Situated Analytics, University of South Australia
  • Siqi Liu,Automating the Reconstruction of Neuron Morphological Models:
  • The Rivulet Algorithm Suite, University of Sydney
  • 2018 - Junhao Gan, “High Performance Density-Based Clustering on Massive data." University of Queensland
  • 2017- Sara Khalifa, "Energy-Efficient Human Activity Recognition for Self-powered Wearable Devices", UNSW
  • 2017 - Commended - Zhe Hou, "Labelled Sequent Calculi and Automated Reasoning for Assertions in Separation Log", ANU
  • 2016 - Joey Scarr, "Understanding and Exploiting Spatial Memory in the Design of Efficient Command Selection Interfaces", University of Canterbury
  • 2015 - Haris Javaid, Analyses and Optimizations for Pipelined MPSoCs, UNSW
  • 2014 - Bernhard Blackham, "Towards verified microkernels for real-time mixed-criticality systems", UNSW
  • 2013 - Richard Kennard "Derivation of a general purpose architecture for automatic user interface generation" University of Technology, Sydney
  • 2012 - Silvia Richter "Landmark-based Heuristics and Search Control for Automated Planning, contributes to improvements in the efficiency of planning systems" Griffith University

Prior to 2012, this award was known as the Australasian Distinguished Dissertation Award.

Highly Commended

David Milne “Applying Wikipedia to Interactive Information Retrieval” University of Waikato


Joseph Troy Lizier “The local information dynamics of distributed computation in complex systems” University of Sydney

    • 2010 - Michael Cahill "Serializable Isolation for Snapshot Databases", THe University of Sydney
    • 2009 - Michael Hill " Multi-Dimensional Numerical Integration Using Sequences of Embedded Lattices", La Trobe University
    • 2008 - Bernard Pope "A declaritive debugger for Haskell", The University of Melbourne, Supervisors Lee Niash and Harald Søndergaard
    • 2008 - Michael Wybrow "Using semi-automatic layout to improve the usability of diagramming software". Monash University
    • 2007- Ajmal Mian "Representations and Matching Techniques for 3D Free-Form Object and Face Recognition", The University of Western Australia
    • 2007 - Nicholas Geard "Artificial Ontogenies: A Computational Model of the Control and Evolution of Development",The University of Queensland
    • 2006- Kwong Yuen Lai "Caching Techniques for Mobile Computing in Wireless Environments", RMIT University. Supervisors, Zahir Tari and Peter Bertok
    • 2005 - Caroline Linda Allinson "Legislative and Security Requirements of Audit Material for Evidentiary Purpose" Queensland University of Technology (supervised by Bill Caelli)
    • 2005 - Shane Saunders "Improved Shortest Path Algorithms for Nearly Acyclic Graphs" University of Canterbury (supervised by Tadao Takaoka).
    • 2004 - James Brusey, Learning Behaviours for Robot Soccer, RMIT. Supervisors Lin Padgham and Vic Ciesielski.
    • 2003 - Carsten Freidrich, Animation in Relational Information Visualization, University of Sydney. Supervisor Peter Eades.
    • 2002 - Einat Amitay, "What lays in the layout: Using anchor-paragraph arrangements to extract descriptions of web documents", Macquarie University. Supervisors Michael Johnson, Cecile Paris.
    • 2002 - Tao Chen, Monash University, Supervisor Henry Wu.
    • 2001 - Wenny J. Rahayu, "Object-relational Transformation Methodology", La Trobe University. Supervisors Elizabeth Chang, Tharam Dillon.
    • 2000 - Michael Kolling, "The design of an object-oriented environment and language for teaching", University of Sydney, Supervisor John Rosenberg.
    • 1999 - Alan Roberts "Routing on Trees Under the Matching Model" Supervisor Antonios Symvonis
    • 1998 - Wendy Feng, "Algorithms for Drawing Clustered Graphs", University of Newcastle, Supervisor Peter Eades.
    • 1997 - Mark Lauer, "Designing Statistical Language Learners: Experiments on Noun Compounds", Macquarie University, Supervisors Michael Johnson, Robert Dale.
    • 1996 - Matthew Regan "Delayed Viewport Mapping and priority Rendering forVirtual Reality Display System", Monash University and
    • 1996 - Roland Yap "The Design, Programming Methodology and Implementation of CLP(R)", Monash University
    • 1995 - Mary-Anne Williams "Transmutations of Knowledge Systems" University of Sydney