2024 Award Citations

CORE Outstanding Research award

Tongliang Liu, University of Sydney

Tongliang has made significant contributions to the field of machine learning and AI, particularly in learning with noisy labels and developing explainable and secure solutions. His publication track record is impressive, which is evidenced by having been ranked as the first in publishing machine learning top conference papers in Australia in the last five years. Tongliang is also a recipient of several impactful awards such as IEEE AI's 10 to Watch and ARC Future Fellowship. His research leadership is also demonstrated by serving as the Director of Sydney AI Centre, Associate Editor/Gust Editor/Editorial Board member for many journals, and the chair for major conferences. Tongliang has also mentored a large number of ECRs including 27 PhD students, 5 Postdoc fellows, and 10 Masters students. Strong referee reports from leading researchers and academics are received.  

CORE Distinguished Dissertation Award

Angus Hugh Dempster, Monash University

Angus’ thesis on Scalable Methods for Time Series Classification was supported by very strong and well- cited publications. Moreover, he released open-source software to support his research. His examiners point to “a body of work [that] easily surpasses the level of contribution [expected] for a PhD”, “is one of the best PhDs I have assessed and it was a pleasure to read”, and “an excellent PhD thesis that significantly advances the knowledge […] in the field.” 

CORE Distinguished Dissertation Award Commendation

Caitlin Doogan, Monash University

Caitlin’s cross disciplinary scientific work on topic modelling was considered exceptional by the examiners and has also made an impact in the public sphere more broadly having appeared in international and national media outlets. 

CORE Distinguished Dissertation Award Commendation

Mengyan Zhang, Australian National University

Mengyan’s thesis on Adaptive Recommendations with Bandit Feedback was praised for its theoretical and practical coverage and also rated excellent by the examiners. 

CORE Teaching Award

Jacqueline Whalley, Auckland University of Technology

Jacqueline Whalley is recognized for her outstanding leadership and scholarly contributions to computing education, spanning both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her teaching methods are deeply influenced by her research in computing and software engineering education, conducted in collaboration with researchers from Australasia and around the world. Prof. Whalley's expertise in assessment and learning taxonomies, specifically in the context of computing education, has significantly influenced the way beginner-level programming is taught across Australasia. 

CORE Teaching Commendation

Richard Lai, Latrobe University

A Commendation in recognition of his leadership in curriculum design and PhD supervision within La Trobe University and abroad. 

CORE Service Award

John Grundy, Monash University

John’s many achievements range across research and academic leadership, contributions to the Australasian computing community through CORE, the NZ community through ITP, and international community through Software Engineering and other conference leadership. 


John has a long history of active contribution to CORE through his service as Chair of the Chris Wallace Award Committee (2008-12), term as President (2013-2014), and member of the CORE Executive team (2015-2019).  


There is no doubt that John is a worthy recipient of the CORE Distinguished Service Award given the excellence and commitment that he demonstrates through his significant contributions over the years in both Aotearoa 

New Zealand and Australia.