Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists/Google groups

With the exception of the noticeboard, the CORE Google groups are for information dissemination from CORE to members. They are intended as low volume one-way information dissemination channels. Discussions should happen via the discussion group.

The noticeboard group is for members of the CORE community to post information such as conference announcements. Please join the appropriate groups to receive information.

You may receive a notice saying that you need to have a google account. However, we have verified that users with non gmail mail addresses and no google account, can still join a group and will receive emails (as long as you ensure the setting to receive email). A gmail account is required to post. However these lists are only for notifications and so posting is anyway allowed only by CORE exec and admin. You will not be able to access the googlegroups page without a google account. However this is not actually necessary, as there is no substantial information there beyond the email archives.


This is used for information specific to Professors, such as information about the annual HoDs and Profs meeting.We have populated this from website data, but if you are a Computer Science Professor and not on the list, please join here.


This is the list for Heads of Departments. Please help us to keep this list current by adding/removing yourself as you take on or leave this role. Join here.


This is the list we will use for most CORE information. It is intended to include all Computer Science academic staff in member universities. We have tried to populate this with web data, but if we have missed you, please add yourself. Please encourage new colleagues to add themselves. Join here.


This is a list for people to post information such as conference announcements or other anouncements they think may be of interest to Australasian computer science academics. Only members can post. You must be an academic staff member at a CORE member university to join this group. Join here.


This is a list for people outside CORE member departments, who wish to be notified regarding CORE's journal and conference rankings activities. Information will always be sent to members, so you only need to join this if you are NOT part of the Australasian Computer Science community and want to get this information. Join here.