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Based on a very strong request at the 2015 ACSW HoDs and Profs meeting, the CORE exec agreed to develop a Journals DB, similar to the Conferences DB. This would ideally start with the ERA 2010 listing, updated with a CORE ranking process.

The 08 journals from ERA 2010 have been placed in a Journals DB, similar to the CORE Conferences DB. Submissions for additions and changes were requested and 11 ranking requests, with 22 sets of comparator data were received. Several requests for unranked additions were also received.

After careful reviewing and ranking discussions the committee decided that it was premature to rank journals (or change the 2010 rankings) at this stage, as it was unclear what data clearly differentiates journals of different ranks, even when researchers in the area have consistent views on appropriate ranking. Further discussion is needed to characterise the different ranks and to identify data that would support specific rankings.

As a result no changes were made to the ERA 2010 list in 2015. Data collected for submissions has been added to relevant journal entries, along with committee notes at the decision link.

As the 2010 list was not being changed, additions could not be made. Addition requests can be found here. In the case of the ranked addition requests, the data is also available.

The ERA Journal Ranking process

As part of the ERA 2010 research evaluation exercise run by the Australian Research Council, a list of journals, with up to 3 FOR codes and rankings of A*, A, B or C was developed. Some newish journals were listed as unranked. The ARC no longer maintains or uses these rankings.

CORE, ACPHIS ( and ALIA ( had input into these rankings, but were not always responsible for the final assigned rank. Journals in 0806 were primarily contributed by ACPHIS and those in 0807 by ALIA.