About the DB

The CORE Conference DB provides information about a collection of Computer Science conferences. Information includes venue title, commonly used acronym, publisher or sponsoring society, the Australian and New Zealand standard Fields of Research (FoR) code(s) and information from previous and current venue ranking exercises (CORE 2008, ERA 2010, CORE 2013, CORE 2014, CORE 2017, CORE 2018). From 2013, information to justify any ranking change is provided.

Data retained as part of the ranking exercise includes full name and acronym, and field of research code(s), the requests for change, and the documentation that accompanied those requests. The data associated with the request, and the justification for the decision can be accessed from the venue record.

Calls for proposed updates to the rankings are issued by the CORE Executive from time to time, the most recent being in September 2017. It is anticipated that the next request for conference rank changes will be issued in 2018-2019, and will be advised via the CORE website , and via email to various CORE email lists.Change requests must be supported by a range of documentation, which will be added to the pool of information associated with that conference.

As part of any re-ranking or insertion evaluation, other conferences in the same discipline area may also be assessed relative to the one for which change is being requested, and as a result may have their rankings adjusted too.

Please note that the ERA 2010 conference list is no longer in use by ERA or ARC, and has been removed from their websites. It is included in the DB for historical reference but should NOT be used in any form.

The CORE Journals DB is similar in format to the conference database and contains the ERA 2010 journal rankings for Computer Science journals as a starting point. Submissions for journal re-rankings were accepted in 2015, but the committee decided that further investigation was required for journal rankings. Approaches are currently being investigated, including crowd-sourced opinions. Information from submissions has been stored into the DB accessible from venue records. Information on journals requested to be added can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: ARC no longer uses the ERA2010 rankings list. CORE has not subjected journals on this list to CORE evaluation processes. Some journals have data and a decision note attached, resulting from an attempted ranking round in 2015. No commitments have currently been made by CORE regarding appropriate journal rankings.

Database Functionality

A searchable interface to the current and previous versions of the ranking is provided via the CORE Conference DB and the CORE Journals DB.

A peer commenting facility for individual venues, using Linkedin login to authenticate, allows for qualitative information to be supplied. This includes a set of qualitative judgements about venue characteristics along with commentary. Free text comments should adhere to acceptable academic standards of discourse. The community is encouraged to use this facility to build a crowd-sourced view of venues.

Searches are string matches on any partial string, and can be filtered by list, as well as one of conference title, acronym, FOR code or rank if desired.

Query results can be ordered (ascending or descending) by any one of the above filters, or a filter on whether the conference has changed rank across any of the lists.

Clicking on any entry on the Search page will give the details of the conference, and the information on it associated with the different lists it is included in. This page also contains links to documentation regarding any changes from 2013 onwards. Comments are also available on this page.

Query results on the Search page can be exported to a .csv file using the Export button at the top right of the listing.

To be notified of new CORE lists, calls for submission of changes, or other CORE DB news, sign up to the CORE rankings email list.


The CORE Journals and Conferences DB and associated tools have been developed as a CORE project by:

Thomas Wood, RMIT

Sewwandi Perera (RMIT)

Shi Yan (RMIT)

Lin Padgham, RMIT

Alistair Moffat, University of Melbourne

Bug reports:

Issues regarding the functioning of the DB should be sent to exec@core.edu.au, giving as full a description as possible, including how to reproduce the problem. Please include what operating system and browser you used.

Data errors:

Information about content issues (e.g. wrong names or acronyms, multiple entries, etc.) should be sent to exec@core.edu.au