2018 Conference Rankings

In September 2017 CORE received 72  submissions to the CORE ranking

process, involving 129 separate conferences. These submissions were

reviewed by FoR code area based committees. The 2018 rankings were uploaded on 16th Dec 2017.

Thanks to the following academics who assisted CORE Executive members in reviewing data and making ranking recommendations:

Michael Winikoff (University of Otago)

Neil Dodgson (Victoria University, NZ)

Yuefeng Li (Queensland University of Technology)

Joarder Kamruzzaman (Federation University)

Karin Verspoor (University of Melbourne)

Franck Cassez (Macquarie University)

Tony Wirth (University of melbourne)

Robert van Glabbeek (Data61)

Serge Gaspers (University of NSW)

Joachim Gudmundsson (University of Sydney)

Stephen MacDonell (Otago University)

Wen Hu (University of NSW)

Ali Babar (University of Adelaide)

Thomas Kuehne (Victoria University, NZ)

Antony Tang (Swinburne University)

Tony Hosking (Australian National University)

Young Choon Lee (Macquarie University)

Albert Zomaya (University of Sydney)

Matthew Luckie (Waikato University)

Jingling Xue (University of New South Wales)

Andy Cockburn (University of Canterbury)

Judy Kay (University of Sydney)

Ying Zhang (University of Technology, Sydney)

Peter Bernus (Griffith University)

Frada Burstein (Monash University)

Kristina Falkner (University of Adelaide) was also appointed to assist with rankings of any CS Ed conferences, but none were submitted.

Data files submitted and decision summaries and justifications can be seen in the Conference Database. A summary report of decisions can be found here.