The Chris Wallace Award for Outstanding Research

CORE Australasia ( offers the Chris Wallace award for outstanding Research Contribution each year. 
This year's prize will be awarded at the 2020 Australasian Computer Science Week conference series. The prize will be awarded to an academic for post-PhD research undertaken within a university or research institution in Australia or New Zealand in the calendar years 2016-2019 inclusive. The research should include a notable breakthrough or a contribution of particular significance to the field.
Nomination is by a submission to Alison Handley at CORE ( who will acknowledge receipt of the nomination and forward to the committee for consideration. 

The nomination must include a statement of no more than 500 words outlining the grounds for the nomination, and details such as a bibliography and referees' reports as appropriate. The nomination should stress what the significant research breakthrough and/or contribution is, along with appropriate evidence of the contribution. Evidence such as referee reports for work published in first-rank journals or conferences will be considered, as will evidence such as major grants, invited talks at major conferences, or other awards.

When preparing the nomination, please observe the following guidelines:
  • Submit a single ZIP file to containing your nomination and supporting documentation
  • Summarise your nomination in 500 words of less in a plain text document
  • Include CV in plain text or PDF format
  • Include e.g. referees reports or other documentary information in PDF or plain text format

Your submission will be acknowledged by email.  Please let Alison Farr know if you haven’t received an acknowledgment within a day or two!

Please note the following restrictions:
  • Anyone can make a nomination; people can nominate themselves.
  • Candidates must agree to being nominated.
  • Professors are ineligible.

Nominations closing date in 2020 is Friday 2nd August. A decision will be made in September with all nominees advised of the outcome in October. The winner will be invited to attend ACSW 2020 to receive their award.

The prize winner will be chosen by a committee, the details of which will be posted when finalised.

Nominations from within one of these institutions will be referred to a further panel member, co-opted for independent assessment.

We look forward to receiving your nominations.

Special note:  "The Computer Journal" (Oxford U Press)'s current (Vol. 51 No. 5 [Sept. 2008]) issue is a Chris Wallace (1933-2004) memorial special issue. The journal can be found at