Submissions and Endorsements

CORE Submissions

Submissions approved by the CORE Executive on behalf of CORE community, as per CORE submissions policy.

Date Submission
 CORE Submission to ARC re FoR codes (joint submission with ACPHIS, ALIA, NZPHIS, ACDICT)
22/06/2016 Response to ARC engagement and impact assessment consultation
17/02/2014 ERA 2015 Consultation - CORE Submission
18/12/2013 CORE Submission to the review of the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012
08/07/2013 CORE Response to ACDICT Research Performance Metrics Discussion Paper
16/05/2013 Technologies feedback CORE Submission
 07/03/2013  Federal Parliament's Inquiry into the 2013 Federal Election
 08/02/2013     NSW Inquiry into 2012 Local Elections
11/02/2013 CORE ICT Workforce Issues Submission
 12/02/2012  NSW Inquiry into the administration of the 2011 state election
05/08/2011 CORE letter re ERA
06/05/2011 CORE response ERA March 2011 Consultation
 2010  Federal Parliament's Inquiry into the 2010 Federal Election
Victorian Parliament's Inquiry into the 2010 State Election
02/06/2010 ARC Response to CORE/ACDICT Letter
10/05/2010 CORE/ACDICT Letter
 2010  Victorian inquiry into the functions and administration of voting centres
12/02/2009 Digital Economy Future Directions – A response from CORE
05/08/2008 Submission to the Review of the National Innovation System - Professor Justin Zobel
 2008 CORE Submission to the Inquiry into the 2007 Federal Election - Dr. Vanessa Teague
 2008  Victorian inquiry into voter participation and informal voting
03/07/2008 CORE response to ERA Consultation Paper
01/06/2008 Research Dissemination - Submission to the inquiry into research training
 2007  Victorian inquiry into the 2006 State Election

CORE Endorsed Expert Submissions

Submissions by CORE members who have been endorsed by the CORE executive as experts in their field, as per CORE endorsed experts policy.
Date Description
3/07/2015 Submission to Victorian State Election Enquiry
by Dr Vanessa Teague
1/11/2016 Submission to Federal enquiry into conduct of the 2016 election and matters related: by Vanessa Teague and Raj Gore
 2012  Victorian Parliament's Inquiry into the future of Victoria's electoral administration
Vanessa Teague